Increase Windows Console Line Limit

If you’re in a situation where your console output text is being truncated because so many lines have been output, you may want to increase the limit.

Increase Windows Console Text Limit

  1. With a console window already spawned, right click the top and go to properties:
  1. Increase the Screen Buffer Size Height. You will be limited to 9999 lines maximum. See the section below for modifying this value programmatically to go beyond this limit.

Increase Windows Console Text Limit Programmatically via C/C++

You can achieve the equivalent of the above programmatically by calling SetConsoleScreenBufferSize. While it accepts a SHRT_MAX value of 32767, in reality I found the limit on my PC to be 16384 before the console started to truncate text

#include <windows.h>
COORD c = { 120, SHRT_MAX };	SetConsoleScreenBufferSize(GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE), c);

Alternatives: Redirect IO to a file

When executing programs from the command line, you can redirect the output into a file by appending “> FileName” to the end of the command. To give an example, to redirect the output from ipconfig to a text file called MyFile.txt you can do as follows:

ipconfig > MyFile.Txt