Creative Writing

At the start of September I was offered the chance to start writing technology articles for my nextdoor neighbour, head of the company EMR Digital.

“Entertainment Media Research was founded in 1997 by Peter Ruppert, formerly Head of Music Information at MTV Europe in anticipation of the digital entertainment revolution.
Today, Entertainment Media Research is Europe‚Äôs foremost entertainment research consultancy. Headquartered in London it serves the film, music, broadcast and advertising industries in the UK, Continental Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Australasia. The company is independent and privately-owned.”

I am currently writing four unique technology related articles per month. The articles are media rich and contain reviews of the latest technology and hardware. They are all around 700 to 1000 words in length.

The Articles range from gaming reviews, mobile phone reviews, gadget reviews and other types of technology and gadget related items on the market today.

I am responsible for creating, writing and submitting a set amount of articles on a weekly / monthly basis for a huge range of different technology, gadgets, games and more. The job has improved my communication skills greatly as well as my ability manage time and balance work.

To date I have written over 100 unique articles for EMR Digital for a variety of different websites.

In addition to work for EMR, I have written countless number of articles for as well as Top-Ten.TV.