C++ Programming

After finishing my A Levels and was about to begin studying Games Technology at Bournemouth University I knew I would have to start learning a completely new programming langauge to Visual Basic: C++. I’d heard a lot about C++ and knew it wasn’t going to be as simple and straight forward as learning VB as the code writing was a lot more technical and complex.

I began learning about C++ through university and a beginners guide I had bought and it just started coming to me naturally, once I realised that essentially the algorithms and strategies to writing code were essentially identical to VB other than it was phrased different it became a breeze. From this I learnt that one of the most important aspects of programming is principle, if you’ve got that learnt well then applying it in different languages really isn’t too hard!

My first C++ project was a BlackJack game based on a Windows Console which was perfect for easing me into the new language and becoming reaquainted with all my programming skills. Within the program I implemented Bubble searches, strings and decent visuals (for a console game!).

The report and preliminary design for the BlackJack game also taught me a great deal about how programmers would work in commercial companies, planning out there strategies before hand with flow diagrams and pseudo code.