Showcase: Premiere Pro music videos

Towards the end of my GCSE’s I started experimenting with the extremely powerful Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software, learning how it worked all through experimentation and self teaching I started creating karaoke style DVD’s for my Dad for his social gatherings.

My Dad also created his own music songs which I created the videos for in my own unique way. Through the use of Photoshop and Premiere Pro I was able to create some really interesting and entertaining music videos.

I uploaded majority of the videos I created to YouTube to share my videos with the world, some videos have gained some fairly substantial viewing figures. I’ve selected some of the best videos that I have created and embedded them below, enjoy!

Adobe Premiere Pro gave me a great insight and taught me how certain effects and techniques are used in commercial videos and television and how much potential the piece of software has in terms of what it is capable of accomplishing.