Showcase: Adobe Photoshop

Again around the time of my GCSE’s and early into my A levels I started playing around with Adobe Photoshop, having heard of it before I always wanted to see what the buzz was all about and what the software was capable of.

Having no prior knowledge to the tool I joined a small online community called which supplied members with tutorials and tips on how to use Photoshop and encouraged users to post and show off the pictures that they had created.

There were many types of images people showcased but the area which interested me most was creating so called “Signiture” images which are commonly used in all types of forums and such.

The basic idea behind each signiture was to base it around an image of a character or model image you find anywhere on the internet which you then cut out completely and build a background and signiture around it. You usually include you online alias somewhere in the image to mark it as you own and make it more like a proper signiture.

Making it all blend in and look really nice what you are trying to achieve and the results look really good.

Check out the images below of some of the Photoshop signutures I have created over the years:

Along with all the content above, I also designed the banner and buttons on this website.