Google Analytics Experience

Having run multiple websites for a number of years now, Google Analytics has been an extremely important part of managing and running the sites. I’ve used the service provided by Google to analyse a vast array of different data in order to make for a better user experience and improve website SEO plus SERP.

In combination with Google Analytics I’ve conducted a number of experiments with Google Ad’s in order to achieve maximum income through site advertisements as well as social integration.

Making full use of Google Analytics, for Top Ten TV I started making use of custom variables which I used to track custom data about my visitors, extending on the huge amount of data Google already collects. Specifically I set up Google Analytics to log whether adverts on the website were being shown or not by checking whether a DIV tags size was zero. Having noticed an increase in mobile website users as well as a growing number of AdBlock users, I thought it would be interesting to see the percentage of users my Google AdSense Ad’s were being shown too. For the record, around 33% of users on Top Ten TV are not being delivered adverts, which in theory could mean to 33% less income.