First Android Development (Eclipse, Java, XML)

In order to broaden my skill base and allow my applications to reach a larger audience, I decided to finally begin development on the Android platform. After years of solely developing for Windows Phone it was a brand new experience to being developing for an entirely different platform. While there are features which are amazingly similar there are also others which are very different, for both good and bad reasons! It has given me such a huge insight into the platform as well as the powerful features available to it during the short time I have been working with it.

Having all the files from my previous Windows Phone application, I decided to start my Android development by converting one of my existing projects, namely my ‘True or False?” app. This was a great opportunity to improve on my previous code as well as the challenges of brining it over from C# with Windows Phone to Java with Android.

I also spent extra time improving the application over the Windows Phone version by adding animation with XML.