AlcoWiki (C#, SQL, PHP, XAML)

Click to enlarge[quote]AlcoWiki is a comprehensive and detailed alcoholic drink database for the Windows Phone OS. Through the use of Windows Phone magnificent user interface integration and brilliant graphics, AlcoWiki presents a fantastic way to discover new drinks and learn loads about the ones you already love.

Whether you love nursing a nice cold pint or downing a sweet liqueur, AlcoWiki caters to everyone. From beer to whiskey and spirits to rum, AlcoWiki has it all for your to enjoy.

The AlcoWiki community is here to give solid advice on every single drink on the app. With just the click of a button you can add a review for your favourite drinks to share your greatest recipes or best serving styles as well as instantly browsing others.

With every review a rating out of 5 thumbs is given to provide you with an overall impression of each drink from other alcohol lovers from across the world.”


Click to enlargeAlcoWiki has been my most ambitious and time consuming application to date while at the same time, most rewarding. I began work on AlcoWiki after I noticed there wasn’t any other app currently in the Windows Phone store offering anything similar.

The most rewarding part of creating AlcoWiki are the skills I have gained in making my application connect to the internet to my online database and how to efficiently and simple present a large quantity of data.

PHP and SQL were languages I had never touched on before AlcoWiki but I was determined to set up an online review database for every drink in AlcoWiki’s database so I put in a lot of time and effort to teach it to myself. The end results were fantastic and so rewarding to see my idea become a reality.

For more information about AlcoWiki please visit the official website I have created for it: