Bringing Side Switcher to Unreal Engine 4. (WORK IN PROGRESS OCTOBER 2014)

In order to further my C++ skills and get started with the brand new Unreal Engine 4, I decided it would be a great task to convert my previous game Side Switcher from UE3.

I have currently replicated the entire input, movement and camera control into the game, without any level design as of yet. I’ve also just finished implementing the Switch Plate. Since programming with UE4 in C++ is MUCH MUCH easier to add new features and such compared to UnrealScript with UE3, I’ve decided to work on a lot more elements to add to the game. One of these being some basic AI chase enemies.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 13.27.23
Screenshot 2015-01-09 13.28.19
Screenshot 2015-01-09 13.27.51
Screenshot 2015-01-09 13.27.13