Or Die Trying… (Complex XNA Game)

For an assignment at university, we were required to form a group and begin the development of a game, based on a clients brief. Upon assigning the programming roles to myself and another member of the team, we worked extensively together to create something truly special. From the start I constructed the foundation for the game and the designed it so that we could easily share responsibilities and work on the code simultaneously.

Or Die Trying is a game similar to Smash TV, the classic arcade, retro style game but with a modern look and awesome weapons.

The game was programmed using an Xbox 360 controller with XNA using C’#.

The game is easily the most complex and feature filled game I have ever worked on. It feature a full achievement service, offline high score file saving, a shop to upgrade your weapons, menus, game over screens and much more. We used a combination of graphics we created ourselves and open source ones for the game, although a lot of the open source content was edited highly.

The development of this game taught me a lot about working in code as part of a team and how to manage the workload accordingly. We both help one another with individual problems and overcame them together to create a game which really is competitive and fun. We really went above and beyond with this project.